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School Board Election

I Voted Today
I Voted Today (Photo credit: Madison Guy)

It’s official.  I dropped off the letter of intent and statement of interests today.  I am seeking a 3 year term on the school board for our district.  Wish me luck.

Given my background in technology, I imagine that if I get elected, I will be on the technology committee.  Anything that we can do to prepare students for the future, be it technology or what have you, we need to find a way to do it.

It will be interesting to see what happens.  Since we placed David in the psychiatric facility last fall, our interactions with the school have been largely nonexistent.  Other than parent teacher conferences, or IEP meetings for our other children at the high school, things have been for the most part positive.

With that, there will be little for me to write about our district.  If I don’t win election, it will seem like sour grapes.  If I win, I am biting the hand… On the other hand, if something isn’t right, you can be darn sure that I will speak up about it.

That doesn’t mean the end for WhyNotFathers.  I will be moving more toward a goal of writing articles and posts geared to stay at home dads.  I am also going to work on writing a book about David.  Well, it will be about our fight with Reactive Attachment Disorder and mental illness in a child.  It’s affect on the family and the stresses that are involved in raising a child with RAD.  Look for that sometime in the fall of 2013 at the earliest.

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The Personality and the Finger

Well, my Aspie got mad at someone in PE and flipped them off.  He had to go to the principals’ office for the rest of the class period. When I confronted the school, last fall, about the student who was bullying their teacher, and getting away with it… they said “that is just her personality”.… Continue Reading

bullying committe meeting

Our school is developing a bullying policy. I have been invited as have all parents in the community to participate in this process. I applaud the school for hosting these meetings, and doing so at times that are convenient to most parents. That said, it would be nice if more parents would be involved in… Continue Reading

Our school made the news – an Update

Last week you may remember that I wrote about our school district being on the news.  Here is the original post Today I received a response from the reporter. The story was not meant to be offensive to you or your family in anyway. The incident was only mentioned to let viewers know that bullying… Continue Reading

and now the day is done

And now the day is done.  As a recap, my youngest daughter was assaulted in our small town school this morning.  She lost consciousness briefly and ended up losing memory of the event and about 10 minutes before and after the event.  She remembers sitting on the floor in the hallway and then remembers being… Continue Reading

Day 8 ~ Facilitated what? and new friends !Success!

Since coming online with the new blog and website on January 3rd, I have made an incredible number of new friends.  Some really fantastic people are connecting with me.  How lucky am I? ==== Back to the topic for the night.  Have you ever experienced a Facilitated IEP? According to the website, a facilitated… Continue Reading

Day 2 ~ Much better ~ or Butterflies and more.

Day two started out very well. No eruptions or complaints. Got a call from the psych nurse regarding missing the blood draw yesterday. She was very grumpy. I understand that there is a protocol to follow with the blood work for his meds, but what can I do if the people who draw blood are… Continue Reading

Day 1 – 5am wakeup

Good morning friends. Our son is excited about something, he has been up since 5am. Doing his level-headed best to wake up the rest of the house.  It is now 3 hours later and he is trying to push buttons as fast as he can.  Just trying to remain firm, and keep my head about… Continue Reading

>the new year

>It seems like yesterday we were dropping our son off at the group home. In a little more than 10 days, he will be moving home. I am so excited, as is the rest of the family. He has made so many positive strides in the last 6 months that I can’t believe sometimes that… Continue Reading