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for each of our kids, a dream of success

Ask any parent.  Life can be difficult.  We choose how we respond to it.

We can choose to be defiant.

We can choose to be indifferent.

We can choose to hate.

Or, we can choose to embrace life.

Embrace hope.

Embrace happiness.

I have not been in the best of health for a number of years.  I struggle with chronic illness.  Yet, for every minute of pain, I get a return on my investment, as long as I can see a return on my investment, I am happy.  I won’t tell you what the return is, as that is personal, and each of us needs to determine what our personal return on investment is.

You are each capable of so much, I see it in you even when you don’t.  Choose to be happy.  The only one who can find your happiness, is you.  Surrounding yourself with good friends will help, and in truth will lead you a long way in a positive direction, but they can’t force happiness on you.

As a person who has a less than stellar relationship with his own parent, I can only say one thing about that.  The success of a relationship takes two people.  Just like riding on the teeter-totter, one person can play, but it works better when two have an equal stake in the balance.

As each child moves, into adulthood; on with their life, I think that every parent fears that their child will forget them.  Please, keep the lines of communication open.  It is great that you are stretching your wings, just because you are learning to fly on your own doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  We are here for you.  Regardless of whether or not you like coming home, we still love you and welcome you.

I see success for each of our kids.  Success will have different meanings for each of you.  Is one level of success better than another?

No.  I don’t think so.

We are a success because we choose to be.  We set a goal, we have dreams, we work to achieve them.

If your ultimate goal is to be a professor of history, will I consider you a failure if you only teach at the high school level?


As long as you make an effort to succeed, you will find success.  I believe that with all that I am.

For some of our kids, success will come in smaller steps than what the others will see and feel.  Each of our kids should be applauded for what they do accomplish.  Who knows, maybe one of our kids will find satisfaction with working at the grocery store.  Is that a bad thing?  No.  It can provide a life.  It can provide satisfaction.  As long as happiness is achieved, does it matter where you work?

The road to success is never the same for two people.

My dream for each of our kids, it is simple.

Every success means something different to the person who achieves it.  What will your success story be?  How will it start?

I haven’t reached the end of my success story.  Have I achieved success?


Does that mean that I stop striving for success?


Can you guess what my dream is for our kids?

That they Seek Success.  That they be happy with whatever form it comes in.   Never stop seeking success.  One day, you will be able to determine your own Personal Return on Investment in life.  Will you feel success with what you determine?

Yes!  Because the investment is worth the return.

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