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Sunrise Attitude – An explanation

Sunrise Attitude.  It is a way of life.  Sunrise Attitude

That person that looks grumpy.  You know the one I am talking about.  Suppose they had a really bad weekend.  Someone they love is lost.  Their child was all kinds of misbehaving.  Money issues… pick one.   For some reason they are having a bad day.  Everyday may start out that way.  Ours is not to understand why, unless they choose to involve us.

Maybe that person is you.  Are you a Grinch?

Greet that person warmly.  With a smile, a handshake.  Compliment them on their attire.  Did they get a haircut?

Doesn’t really matter, but if you see this person regularly, nearly everyday, did they get a hair cut?

Sometimes, all it takes to brighten the day of another is a simple compliment.  A kind word.

If this person works with you, compliment them on something that you saw them do.

If we show kindness to others, they will return that kindness.

If everyone does it, one day, there may be less hatred in our world.

If you mentally or audibly tell yourself that “Today is a GREAT day!!!”  Eventually, that will be automatic in your life.  Great things can happen if we improve our outlook.  If we improve the attitude that we show other people.

Today is a GREAT day!..  Make it so.