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Section 1 – About a father

Thinking of my family at this late hour.  It is 1am here.  2am back home. I am on vacation and can’t sleep.  All but one family member is at home in Casa de Familia.

I was working a night job delivering newspapers.  One night I happened to deliver to a business that had an old friend working.  I had worked with this person in a previous job when I was still in high school.  I wanted to date her more than I wanted anything in this life. I wanted to show her that men are not all assholes like her ex-husband and the other riffraff that she went out with.  One night, she invited me to a Christmas party at a hotel with some friends.

It so happens that I had my daughter that weekend.  What better way to woo a woman than to introduce a small child.  So I showed up at the pool party with my daughter.  Spent some time frolicking in the pool, sat in the hot tub.  The woman I had designs on asked me for a favor.  Actually, her girlfriends asked me for a favor.  Seems like one of them had an employee Christmas party to attend that evening.  Would I be willing to take her to the party?

The offer included free babysitting services.

Being the gentleman that I considered myself to be, I agreed.  Of course, I was thinking that this would show my intended that I was a good guy that she could trust.  I went home to change.

Later at the party, I discovered many people that I knew.  Mostly family.  But I discovered one very important thing.

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Shoot, a laptop, and your teen’s attention

Now, I am sure that all of my readers have seen or heard the news report about the father, Tommy Jordan, who authored a video post on his daughter’s facebook wall titled “Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen.” and then posted the video on his daughter’s facebook wall. I am not here to bemoan his… Continue Reading

Day 9 ~ A long night, a short day, exhausted

David, our youngest was up and down most of the night with his cough.  Poor guy sounds like he is going to cough up a lung or something.  So I spent the night monitoring him to make sure he was ok.  Long night.  His breathing finally calmed around 5 am so I got to sleep… Continue Reading

>an incident in school.

> my 12 year old, who has high functioning Autism, was provoked with pinching and name calling on Friday to a point where he struck another student. the other student was his best friend. They have an on and off relationship. my son knows it isn’t right for people to fight like that. He also… Continue Reading