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An update on the Crisis Mode.

It is midnight here at the home.  Just got a call from staff.

David was taken off “close watch” at 2 pm this afternoon.  What this means is that they have loosened his keeper.  He doesn’t have someone practically attached to him.  And while he will be monitored frequently, he won’t have someone sitting in his room watching him sleep.

He remembers what happened yesterday, and is working to articulate what happened.

This a huge positive for David.  He usually doesn’t remember his manic periods.

His treatment is still set back a bit, but he is still leaps and bounds where he was when he was admitted last January.

Thank you to all of David’s readers.  Countless numbers of you have offered prayer and positive thoughts.  Believe me, in my mind it has helped.  Words can not express how it feels to have so much support from people who don’t know David except through these pages.

We are currently reviewing David’s meds to see if an adjustment is necessary.

Home sweet home, again.

1176 miles. From home, to the residential facility and back again.  4 days. The thing about driving.  It gives a person a lot of time to think.  Ruminations about fatherhood, about things that a person might have done differently for David. I keep coming back to one inalienable truth. We did what we had to do.  Not… Continue Reading

A message of giving thanks.

I shared this on my facebook wall.  It struck me as something that my many readers may want benefit from reading. ======================================== If you are reading this, then you are in some way important to me. It is my hope that on this American holiday, Thanksgiving, that each of you have a blessed day with… Continue Reading

How do you do it? and a Thank You

That is the question the psychiatrist asked me today. You have your youngest who pushes limits and senses by verbal and physical action, and you have boys with autism who don’t tolerate the sensory input. “Don’t all children deserve to be loved?” was my response.  “Isn’t it worth it to see them smile and return… Continue Reading