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feeling pretty positive

Had our meeting to start ramping up therapies for David.

It went well.  Always a bit of trepidation at the first meeting with a new team member, but I think that this will be a positive addition to David’s team.

David was very well behaved this morning, frequently dodged topics that made him uncomfortable, but that is normal for any teen.

Coming Monday we have an appointment with a new psychologist, this afternoon I should get a referral to a therapist for me, and we are moving forward.

What matters is that we get David and the family the services that are needed.  I will go to the end of the earth if necessary to make that happen.

Trying to move past the denial of services, but find myself struggling with the idea that some unknown entity who only looks at pieces of paper can determine the fate of our son’s long term mental health care.

An update on the Crisis Mode.

It is midnight here at the home.  Just got a call from staff. David was taken off “close watch” at 2 pm this afternoon.  What this means is that they have loosened his keeper.  He doesn’t have someone practically attached to him.  And while he will be monitored frequently, he won’t have someone sitting in… Continue Reading

Pass day 2.

Well, pass number 2 is in the books.  What can I say? Another success. Since David has school and therapy during the day, I spent the day shopping for clothes for him.  What 13 year old boy doesn’t need new pants on a regular basis.  Although at 4’11” and 79 pounds, it will be a… Continue Reading

Heart is breaking… for David.

Today, we participated in an IEP meeting for David.  Every time we meet, it is with the hope that good news and progress will be noted.  Today, not so much. David is evidently determining for himself when he wants to be in school.  If he doesn’t want to be there, he leaves the building and returns… Continue Reading