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Day 8 ~ Facilitated what? and new friends !Success!

Since coming online with the new blog and website on January 3rd, I have made an incredible number of new friends.  Some really fantastic people are connecting with me.  How lucky am I?


Back to the topic for the night.  Have you ever experienced a Facilitated IEP? According to the website, a facilitated IEP is:

“A facilitated IEP meeting is an IEP meeting that includes an impartial facilitator who promotes effective communication and who assists the IEP team in developing an acceptable IEP. The facilitator keeps the team focused on the proper development of the IEP while addressing conflicts that arise. IEP Facilitation is not used to resolve disputes unrelated to the IEP.”

In the state of North Dakota, the facilitator is paid by the state, which in turn enforces the impartiality of the facilitator because they can’t be influenced by either the school district or the parent.  This makes sense to me.

So tomorrow I will make application for a facilitated IEP.  Hopefully that will get my our back into the public school.


On another note, We had a fairly good day today.  Ah heck, let me rephrase that, everything considered, today was FANTASTIC!!!  We had some minor incidents that had to be mediated between the youngest two boys, but hey, ya know what?  give you a little hint… sometimes brothers argue and fight… I should know, my brother and I fought like cats and dogs.   We are both still alive and value our relationship.  So I consider this largely normal behavior.

What we didn’t have today.  We didn’t have any melt downs.  We had some pouting, but pouting isn’t the end of the world.  When something necessitated the need for a time out, the time out was handled without complaint.  Overall, this day was a huge success!

Tomorrow looks to be shaping up to be a good day as well.  Why? or how can I know that?  Easy! Everyday is a good day!  If you wake up each day, isn’t that a good day?  If nothing else happened, at least you woke up. 🙂  Cheers. Carl @whynotfathers

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