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End of Year Update

End of year update. – Things are still moving forward here.

There are quite a few things that I won’t write about that have happened, but here is an update.

In early December we asked to be referred to the Developmental Disabilities (DD) division.  In the midst of that, we spent a lot of time faxing back and forth different releases to ensure we had all of David’s most recent testing from Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  We met with some resistance, but in the end, we met with a DD eligibility worker.

Shortly before Christmas, we met with her again and formally applied for services.

Forty-eight hours later, he was approved for Case Management and a statewide referral was sent out for care, either group home or what.  A DD Program Manager was assigned.

In the middle of all of this, my health has taken a beating.  With the support of my doctor’s, I am on the mend, but am under strict orders to minimize stress.  Sadly, this means that we limit the amount of time with David.

Currently he is scheduled to be discharged on Jan 13, 2017.  Very little discharge planning beyond “he has to be sent home.”

I am not certain what will happen with DD services in our state’s current budget situation, but, hopefully, we can get supports.  I can not recreate the structure of the facility that he is in, when he comes home.  It’s just not possible.

At any rate, that’s all for now.

David claims that he wants to come home.  Past experience tells me that he just wants out of the facility.

Please, if you are of the mind to, pray for David.  Positive thoughts will work as well.

We have been hit with a number of winter storms, so in addition to my health, that has been a limiting factor in having David home.  We are following the road recommended by doctors.  It isn’t safe to bring David home.


When he was home for Christmas, we had trouble with our home phone.

After we took David back to the facility on Christmas Eve, I had to go to the ER.  Some nitro, an EKG and chest x-ray later, they sent me home.

The next day, I discovered that the telephone was unplugged from the telephone jack.  In order to get to the jack, you had to move a piece of furniture.  No, the cats couldn’t have done it.  They don’t have thumbs.

Let’s hope that the DD system will better be able to help David be successful, stable and eventually as independent as his disability will allow him to be.

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