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New dads’ post-partum depression is real–and ridiculed

Although this article from the Guardian talks mostly about reaction in the UK to a study showing that new dads may get postpartum depression, I’ve come across many of the Neanderthal attitudes expressed here in my work with fathers in the U.S. What is your response to learning that there is a treatable but often… Continue Reading

It’s all fun and games–until someone dies

I’ve been reading about the new middle-school craze–the Choking Game, which involves strangling (one’s self or someone else). The goal is to produce the light-headed feeling that happens when oxygen to the brain is cut off and the “rush” that happens when the choke is released and the oxygen flows back in. As one who,… Continue Reading

#Autism Stories: Nathan’s Voice

I have had the pleasure on knowing Lorrie Servati author of Nathan’s Voice for awhile now. She is an amazing writer, #Autism advocate and friend. I encourage you all to take the time check her site out and learn about #Autism through Nathan’s Voice.  Lorrie, it’s an honor to share your amazing story with my readers.… Continue Reading

Womb for Went? Not anymore

One of the most prolific gestational surrogates ever, Meredith Olafson, just retired her uterus–after 11 surrogate births, including six c-sections. Olafson, a 47-year old nurse in North Dakota who also has four children of her own, carried three singletons, a set of twins, and two sets of triplets for other families. Meredith’s gestational heroics have been… Continue Reading

Self-Injury and your child

I received a phone call from the respite provider.  Seems our son was frustrated about something that he stole.  So he stabbed himself with a pencil.  Twice. What makes a person self-injure?  How does that feel good? In the coming weeks I will be doing some research about this topic with the hope of shedding… Continue Reading

Thoughts and Memories – My friend Stan

You can find Stan’s obituary here: You can find my first post about Stan here. I sent an email out to everyone in Stan’s address book yesterday.  I started getting phone calls and emails this morning from those who knew him.  Here are excerpts of those: Stan was Stan. He didn’t apologize for who… Continue Reading

Special Needs Parenting Discussion: Parents as Health Advocates

How do we Advocate for our Child with Special Needs? Without Breaking Down a Bit Inside? I am joining the #HCHLITSS TweetChat tomorrow night at 8 p.m. EST, where we’ll be chatting about “Parents as Health Advocates.” I was pleased to be asked, and thought, ‘what a great way to open up discussion here at the… Continue Reading