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>Well, our youngest started his placement in a group home.  It is a six month placement.  Time will tell how much good it does.  In the past when we tried therapy, most places have said that their place wasn’t right for him after the first three or four days.  Hopefully that won’t happen here. Tweet… Continue Reading

>Value of Family

>What value do you place on the family unit?  When it comes to a child with mental disability, after you have done everything humanly possible to work with the child, is it giving up to let someone else take on the challenges of raising him or her to adulthood? We are faced with the dilemma… Continue Reading

>A response and more

>Heard from the Principal of our school today. The placement meeting is to talk about transportation costs for taking him to the hospitalization program. Not one word was said about our privacy concerns. Interesting that I had an explanation of why they scheduled it for when we couldn’t be there. We also were told that… Continue Reading


>M has been suspended from school again for assault. This will put him at 10 days suspension and force the manifestation determination. Manifestation Determination is the schools responsibility to determine if M’s behavior is a result of his diagnosis. Our psychiatrist recommends that we get an attorney as the school is discriminating against M. We… Continue Reading


>My wife and I have been talking to the other kids about M’s diagnosis and possible long term placement in a residential facility. They are sad, but taking it well. M doesn’t seem to care either way. Long term, we are concerned about him hurting someone. The doctor describes M as an antisocial personality disorder… Continue Reading


>The long awaited medwash begins tomorrow morning for M. I hate the thought of leaving him at the hospital by himself to go through this, but know that it is necessary. Hopefully this brings about the changes that help him be more stable. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading