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>eventful week

>It was an eventful week. Monday the 14th I went to the dr because of dizzy spells when I stood up. Really high blood pressure. Got meds for that. Thursday had lunch with my wife and noticed some numbness in the left side of my face. It passed after 20 minutes but left me exhausted.… Continue Reading

>A prayer

>A prayer from a parent for their son.God,Even when he is having a bad day, we still love him, that is never in question. He exasperates us, makes us crazy sometimes, but we love him. He is our son, and important in our lives. We will take what You have given him and say thank… Continue Reading


>We have been instructed to pass a notebook back and forth to the school with comments and questions regarding our son. Today we asked why the case manager wasn’t at our meeting last week. The answer: “Since the meeting is administrative, and not about M’s IEP, I was told I didn’t need to be there.”… Continue Reading

>Probation Officer Conversation

>I talked with the probation officer today for M. She hasn’t gotten the police report from the incident yet – the incident happened three weeks ago. I explained that the school said the report was wrong, and that when we asked them to contact the sheriff’s office to get it corrected, the school told us… Continue Reading

>Underground Blogger

>I have taken my blog underground. Seems like some people in the school district took offense to it. They felt threatened by it. So here it is. no longer exists. welcome to You need an invite to even be able to read this. As a result, if you know someone who would benefit… Continue Reading