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>M has been suspended from school. Got caught stealing from his teacher. Then threatened a classmate. So he got suspended. We are looking, at immediate placement in a medical care facility. Not sure what else to do. Yesterday he threatened his teacher again, and last night he threatened me, and threw a box fan at… Continue Reading

>Awake at 1:30 am.

>Thinking about something my wife said. “How did we get three special needs children?” Finances are in the toilet right now because of some credit card stuff that happened last week with one of the kids. Great thing to happen right before Christmas. Now on top of recovering from that, I get to spend money… Continue Reading


>Why do mornings always seem to blur by in a rush? Seriously? The kids are all mostly up and around by 7. Then the race is on for breakfast, using the bathroom, getting shoes on, and ultimately getting into the van to go to school. This morning one child slept in until it was almost… Continue Reading

>Finding myself…

>I find myself frustrated sometimes by my nine year old. Maybe I should start at the beginning… Born in 1972 – adopted. blah, blah, blah… My oldest was born in 1993. I met my wife in 1994.Our oldest was born in 1995.followed by another in 1997, 1999 and our youngest in 2001. Together we are… Continue Reading