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A Needed Response to Steubenville

This needs to be shared. This video was created by students in Oregon as a response to Steubenville, about how a drunk or passed out person should be treated. I didn’t create the video, I don’t own the copyright. This should be common sense.  I have had this discussion with my kids.  Have you? Related… Continue Reading

Your son doesn’t have an attachment to your family.

Today we had family therapy. The therapist asked if she could bring in David’s equine therapist during the last half hour.  I responded with, I have no problems with that.  The equine therapist wanted to talk to me about something that she wasn’t comfortable addressing in front of the whole team at the CRC meeting. … Continue Reading

A fathers thoughts about Steubenville.

It is easy for someone to make armchair assumptions about a situation. Steubenville has been in the headlines lately because of incidents that occurred their which involved the football team, some cheerleaders and a party.  To say that a lack of social responsibility occurred is an understatement.  What possessed this reportedly bright stars of their… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Teenage Pregnancies: 10 Tips for Parents |

  How to Avoid Teenage Pregnancies: 10 Tips for Parents | ======== I stumbled across this article by following a link from  At it’s most basic level, the best way to avoid teen pregnancy, is communication.  Not just to the girl’s.  These conversations need to take place with both sexes. Parent’s, naturally, don’t… Continue Reading

Giveaway – Battle Tracker and for 2 Geek Dad books from Dad Bloggers

I am a member of a dad blogger group on facebook.  As a member, we occasionally have giveaways that we participate in as a group where one dad reviews a product.  We do come across some pretty cool products, and we aren’t obligated to participate in any.   But this one is really cool.  With… Continue Reading

An important and awkward conversation about testicular cancer

Here is a conversation that makes any man uncomfortable.  testicular cancer…  Wouldn’t you prefer to talk about it before hand? Watch this video: After the video, visit this website:   Any questions? Related articles Jeremy Kyle recovering after secret testicular cancer battle ( Testicular Cancer Risk Tripled in Some Boys ( An inspiring patient story… Continue Reading

Information Request Regarding Fatherhood Initiatives at the State and Local Level

Annually, I assist in Title V Block Grant Reviews of State Programs.  Today I received a request for information.  I immediately thought you might be able to help me. I received this from HRSA.  If you have something you want to share, send me an email. For those that don’t know acronyms: HRSA :… Continue Reading

School Board Election

It’s official.  I dropped off the letter of intent and statement of interests today.  I am seeking a 3 year term on the school board for our district.  Wish me luck. Given my background in technology, I imagine that if I get elected, I will be on the technology committee.  Anything that we can do… Continue Reading

Let’s redefine what is important in society

LL is late for court. Ron Jeremy is in the hospital with chest pains… the bad economy is blamed on a cut in defense spending. Miley is on the cover of some rag wearing a blazer. I would rather read about things like: tornadoes in Alabama agent orange related birth defects carly getting a perfect… Continue Reading