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The first pass of this trip.

David has been on a plan.  This relates to behaviors they display in the residence hall.  As a result he was at risk of losing part of his pass / visit with me.

I am not complaining.  My reality is that if he is exhibiting behaviors, and I am in town, then he loses pass time.  My rules.  It is harsh.  But he is being held accountable for his behavior.

So when I found out he was on a plan, I was a bit leery of how any pass would go.

Imagine my surprise.  The pass was incredible.  No issues.  We ate supper in the dining hall, and it reminded me a lot of military mess halls. He ate 90% of his supper, which I gather is unusual.  His meds take away much of his appetite so he basically eats and gets rewarded for doing so.

When David was at home, he used to cause trouble when we were asleep.  So today, a couple of times, I pretended to fall asleep during the pass.  No troubles to report.

We watched the Gonzaga University – Eastern Washington University Women’s Basketball game on television.  Talked a lot about basketball.  (I hadn’t played since the 6th grade. And don’t really follow it, but it was incredible to spend this time with David having him explain and run commentary as the game progressed.  If nothing else, he could get work as a sports commentator.)  /approve

I had brought a copy of the newspaper from home, and he devoured it.  Read everything a couple of times, and then asked if he could take it with him to read again.

Very positive visit.  Another pass tomorrow, let’s hope it goes as well.


A shout out to LiftUpLogan.

Until tomorrow my friend.  Hug your loved ones.  You never know when a tragedy will hit.  As can be seen in Logan Fleeman’s Story.

Pop over to his site and read his story.  Somewhere there is a witness to his accident.  The person who ran him down needs to turn themselves in.  Their car is the one with all of the damage.

blessings and victories

David is really blessed to have such a great team looking out for him. From therapists, to psychiatrists, respite providers to mentors, he has an incredible team of people looking out for his interests. It is nice to know that we can count on these people to support us when we tell the school that… Continue Reading