Magnets on the Cheap – a product review


So I am ordering advertising magnets for my van.  They will reference Why Not Fathers.
I ordered them from – I am amazed at how easy the order process was.

You can either design your own custom car magnet, or customize one of the stock choices that they give you.

An ample selection of fonts, and clipart are available as well.  I am excited to get them and see how they turn out.

As soon as I get them in, I will post further about them.  I was sent one car magnet free of charge for the purposes of this review.


It has been a month since I first ordered the car magnets.  I received them about two weeks ago.  There was a delay in the shipping because the image quality that I submitted wasn’t at an optimum level.  Once I converted the file to a vector graphic, all was well.

The representative from Magnets on the Cheap tracked my order for me as it went through their business.  He relayed to me how things were going.  I don’t know if it was because I am reviewing the product or not, but it was a nice touch.

Here is what the magnets look like on my van.



You can see that the car magnet is a good size.  It adheres to the vehicle well, and doesn’t bubble or bow.  It came taped to the side of a flat box, so I didn’t have to mess around with heavy weights to get it to lay flat.

In our area of the country, we have snow and ice in the winter time, as you can see from the picture.  Our highway people use a slurry salt, sand and deicer combination on the roadways to keep them clear of ice.  This can be hard on anything it touches.  After two weeks of driving around in this stuff, the car magnets still look very good.  I didn’t wipe them down before taking the picture you see below:


I went for a minimalistic approach to the sign.  The faces are part of the standard image pack available when you create your magnet on the site.  The logo on the bottom is the new logo for Why Not Fathers that will debut after the first of the year.

The URL is a standard font that was available on the Magnets on the Cheap website.

Next thing on my to do list is to order some more stuff from these guys.  Namely a yard sign for in front of my home, a vinyl banner for when I attend conferences, and a photo to canvas for one of my presentations.