Sunrise Attitude

I was inspired the other day by a sunrise.  Because of my health, and odd sleep patterns it isn’t often that I am awake to see a sunrise.

Sunrise Attitude is a philosophy.  It is contained in one sentence.

“Today is a GREAT day!!”

Only you can choose what kind of day you are going to have.  Only you can choose how the things/events in your life affect your day.

ISunrise Attitude live with chronic illness and pain.  As a result of a combination of the medications I take, and my chronic illnesses, I have spent quite a bit of the last 15 years being depressed and upset at the loss of the life that I knew.  Gradually, I came to realize that it takes less energy to be positive.  And to project that positive attitude to the world.  While I can’t say that my health has improved, I will say that I feel better than I have in a long, long time.

So, I use the phrase Sunrise Attitude.  Where is yours?

How do you get a Sunrise Attitude?


  1. Make a concerted effort to develop and own a positive outlook.
    1. Start with 15 minutes, and extend it gradually until it encompasses the whole day.
    2. Use Post-It Notes to remind yourself of the good things in your life.
    3. If possible, adopt a pet.  Nothing is more positive than having a pet greet you at the door.
    4. Greet everyone you see with a smile and positive phrase.
  2. Let the bad days come.  I have bad days, just like anyone else.  You will too.  Gradually, you will have more good days than bad.
    1. Even the worst day is a good day.  Why do you think that is?
    2. On the bad days, and even on the good days, but especially on the bad days – sing or hum your favorite song.
  3. Let yourself experience the joy in the world.
    1. Let yourself feel the wind on your face.
    2. Let yourself experience the rain drops.
    3. Smell the incoming rain.  Let the aroma envelope you.
    4. Share a good belly laugh with a friend or loved one.
    5. Experience the joy that a child feels when they discover something new in their world.
  4. No matter the pain, let yourself do one thing that you had to give up because of your health.
    1. Don’t smoke.
    2. Drink in moderation.
    3. I love mowing lawns.  I gave it up because it took so much out of me to take care of our yard.  Last year, my father-in-law gave me his riding lawn mower.  Experience the joy of fresh cut grass.
    4. Once a week, once a month, as often as you can… Let yourself witness the majesty of a sunrise.