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The magic number – 1259 miles

The Mind EraserWhat is the magic number?  1259 miles.  Virgin, UT.

That is the distance from our community to the facility that a social worker at the hospital said we should consider for David.

Oh, and now, in addition to his other official diagnoses, he also has a mood disorder (not sure what that means) and “Officially”  Reactive Attachment Disorder.

I have known about the Reactive Attachment Disorder for a while.

Now the facility in question, Liahona Academy, may be phenomenal.  And David might benefit from going there.  But…

We want to maintain and enhance family contact.  This would be a little difficult across 1259 miles.  This is one way distance, if we go out there, we have to drive home, so the number, of course, doubles.

Especially with other kids still in school.

Now.  I plan to take issue with the bureaucrats who don’t like to listen to the recommendations of the doctors.    When insurance can over ride medical decisions, there is a problem.

The staff said we could bring him back if he is a danger to himself or others.  So we need to wait until he hurts himself, or someone else, and then we can get another 96 hours of care.