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First contact and meeting at new facility

We had our first conference call with the team from the new facility yesterday.  A full team is involved.  Care team, medical team, education, and equally important, the family. Once we got through the initial introductions, focus was directly on medication.  Like mom and I, they believe that the least amount of medication necessary to… Continue Reading

David called twice…

David called.  Said he was getting ready to go swimming, and wanted to know if we had sent his life jacket yet.  I explained that we just got home, and hadn’t had a chance.  I asked him how he liked the place so far.  Seems to like it just fine.  He said that in some… Continue Reading

Emotionally drained

In less than twelve hours, mom and I will pick David up from his current residential facility. We will then drive 462 miles more or less, and admit him to his new facility. While I have to believe that this is in his best interest, I also feel that in some small way we are… Continue Reading

Scheduled IEP meeting

So it seems that David’s current teacher has some concerns about him transitioning to another school.  She wants to have an IEP before he moves and starts school out there. David adores his teacher.  If she asks him to do something, he does it.  Sure he occasionally acts up, but, nothing like last year where… Continue Reading

Frustrating visit. Attitude.

Prior to today’s visit, we had two weekend family visits left at David’s current facility. So we extended the visit by an hour.   Soon, he will be 500 miles away, making it impossible to visit him weekly. The visit started out rocky with David not listening.  But he settled down. Then an hour before the… Continue Reading

report on behaviors — seems to feed off others

Received a phone call last night.  David had to be transported from chapel to cottage because he was misbehaving. The report that I received was: Evidently another resident was having difficulty, and left chapel early. David followed with a grin on his face. When staff was working with the other resident, evidently that resident lashed… Continue Reading

Don’t second guess our decision about our son

We don’t need you to second guess our decisions about our sons care. We know his conditions better than just about anyone, including his medical team. Until you have lived in our home with him, experienced his violent temper, and manic behaviors, you can’t tell us that we are wrong to embark on the path… Continue Reading

2014 New Resolutions

I don’t normally make resolutions, but thought I would document some of my thoughts on what the new year might bring. Explore all possibilities for returning our son to his home state. Explore ways to limit the pain my family is going through while dealing with mental illness of our son. Advocate for the other… Continue Reading

Move date confirmed

On January 16th, mom and I will be moving our son to a facility 500 miles from home. During this process we have more questions than we have answers. What happens next year if this new facility decides they are no longer appropriate for David? It took a long time to get David comfortable with… Continue Reading

tentative move date scheduled for David

We received notice today that we can move David on the 9th.  That doesn’t work for our family, as we have other obligations for our children.  So we asked for the 16th of January.  We will know New Year’s Eve if that will work or not. Sad to think about moving him 500 miles. Pray… Continue Reading