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American Express warning

So, I received this message from “American Express”.

American Express - Don't Leave Home Without It.
American Express – Don’t Leave Home Without It.


Now, this would be an appropriate alert, if…

  1. I was one to download web pages to my desktop to run them later.
  2. I had an American Express Card.

So how about some tips?  More and more, we are forced to move toward receiving notifications from companies regarding billing, alerts and propaganda.  Our world is increasing digitally and decreasing in paper.  Does that make sense?

  1. If you receive an alert such as this one, go to the company portal directly, do not click a link in the email message that you received.
  2. Call the customer service line to get a voice from the company on the phone to confirm what you are reading.
  3. If a company sends out an alert of any kind, they will use proper English.
  4. While I didn’t click on any of the links in the email alert that I received, I was able to tell that the links did not go directly to the American Express website.

By downloading their “page” to your desktop, you are allowing for the potential of an infection via virus or worm that will allow someone with nefarious plans obtain your personal information.  Furthermore, they can take control of your personal computer and use it to gain access to the machines of people in either your facebook or email contacts.

Be safe digitally, and you will never need to fear an alert from American Express.  If in doubt, always ask the company.