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Boycott Ann Coulter – Hold her to the same standard as Michael Richards

Dear Miss Coulter,

Even the least educated among our population know that there exists in the language, a number of words that aren’t used in conversation.  Typically this is because, over time, they have become derogatory in nature.

Some key words that are considered derogatory:



Which of these words have you used in the last 180 days?

I have a son, who when I was his age, would have been labeled a “Retard”.  Why?  Because he requires near constant attention in class to keep on task.    Growing up, that same son would have been called a nigger.

It disgusts me that people in our media, or who are in the attention of the media do not hold themselves accountable for the language that they are using.  For you to rationalize your use of the word “retard” by saying that you are talking about one person, rather than a whole population just makes your commentary more disturbing. Yet, you seem to revel in the infamy that comes from making inane comments with derogatory words. Why?  Is it because you enjoy people talking about you so much that most news sites have your name on the front page in bold face font?  When is enough attention enough?  You call yourself a conservative?

Nearly 6 years ago, Michael Richards got called out for using the word “nigger” repeatedly while confronting a heckler in the audience at one of his shows.  His career has yet to recover.

You seem to feel entitled to use words that are derogatory on a regular basis, never apologize and still have a career… where is the standard that you are held accountable to?  He did one show that ruined his career, you spout off at will and still have your voice.

I don’t understand. A month ago, Whoopi Goldberg called you out about your book “Mugged.”  The hostess introduced you as “the very controversial Ann Coulter”.  You then were sparring verbally with Whoopi Goldberg regarding race and what it is like to be Black in America. I am not Black.  I am not African American.  Seriously, I am a white guy who adopted an African American child.  I am not looking for accolades about it.  I did it because we love him, and felt he deserved a forever home.

I don’t expect an apology from you Ann.  I expect you to lose your job.  I will advocate for a boycott of anything Ann Coulter for long after the election is over.  An apology would come too little, too late, and people would question the sincerity of the message.

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