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blessings and victories

David is really blessed to have such a great team looking out for him.

From therapists, to psychiatrists, respite providers to mentors, he has an incredible team of people looking out for his interests.

It is nice to know that we can count on these people to support us when we tell the school that what they are doing is wrong. Each professional and social worker has said “what the school is doing to him and your family, is wrong…”

It is discrimination against a child with special needs.


Today’s victory is brought to you by David.

I was working on our truck today.  Big red I call her.  She was overheating, so we ended up replacing the heater core.  Along the way, we replaced the thermostat, radiator hose, one heater hose and 2 fan belts.  Plus I made an extensive trip to a junk yard with my father looking for a water/coolant outlet, and parts for the interior.

Anyway, I was working on finding  a power steering leak, and needed someone to turn the steering wheel.  David volunteered.  He was so excited to have the chance to help dad that he was in the truck before I could say I didn’t think it was a good idea.  He helped me. 🙂  It was a good time.