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denial, denial, denial. who tried to start a fire

David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.
David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.

David got caught playing with matches in the bathroom.

When I asked him about why he was trying to burn down the house, he said “it would have taken more matches than I had, so I couldn’t do that.”

Now he denies trying to do anything of the sort.  He got caught digging in our bedroom.  Keys missing, a bottle of Febreeze laying on the bed and no explanation of what it is doing there.

So now when ever he is in the bathroom, he has to leave the door open a little ways so we can monitor his activity.  I don’t know what else to do.

I tell him he needs to pull his head out of his hind parts.  He claims no knowledge of any of it.  Said he lit one match.  Then he went into a dissertation about how the house could burn down if wires were crossed wrong in an outlet.

He denies everything.  He denies being in mom’s room, being in the bathroom playing with matches.

Now I am trying to talk to him, and he claims his medicines are kicking in and he needs to go to bed.

I just don’t know what to do.  He is also arguing constantly about technology.  I explained that he is there to learn through the mentor, social skills, not to play with technology.

Next week, I could see David escalating his behaviors while mom is having surgery.

Then he asks “why are you torturing me?”

We aren’t torturing him, we are trying get him the help he needs.