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rough morning so far

Mr David woke up in a good mood.  And has been going non-stop.  I wish I had 10% of his energy.  Heck even 1%.  He is so bouncy this morning that he has the whole house on edge.

He wears a patch that delivers his methlyphenidate (rittalin)  and he takes them off when ever he wants to.  He is on the patch because he was making himself throw up his meds.

School, yes, the doctor knows.  Yes we are taking steps to counteract his actions with his patch.  This is also why he needs a paraprofessional.  Someone to help keep him on track and give him a window of opportunity where he can be as energetic as he needs to be and burn some off.

This afternoon, mom and aunt are taking him and most of the kids to the city for dental appointments.  I am lucky I can stay home.

English: S'more made with a Reese's Peanut But...

This morning, David decided to help himself to the chocolate bars that are designated for s’mores tomorrow night.  He had scissors and was trying to cut the package open.  The key here is that David knows he isn’t supposed to do things like this.  How do I know that he knows it?  Simple, he built a wall around where he was sitting on the couch so that I couldn’t see what he was doing.  Clever bugger isn’t he?





This is post number 3 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. 🙂  28 more to go. Enjoy


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