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Update: Some interesting things to note

309474706_80_80To the people he rides to and from school with every day.

David is not allowed technology.  He is not allowed technology because he has threatened to kill people via said technology.  When you hand him your phone, ipod, technology, you are opening yourself up to problems with law enforcement because of the risk that he poses.

He is not allowed on YouTube, he is not allowed access to facebook.  It would be much easier for you if you just don’t let him use your technology than it would be for me to list all of the things he is not allowed to do on technology.

The other issue.  If you feed David, what are you expecting in return?   He looks up to you. Please respect the boundaries we have established for our son.  To you it is just a piece of pizza.  David sees it as much more.

David sees that when you give him food, that he owes you something in return.  I think this is why he gave you my weed eater earlier this summer.  Telling him that he doesn’t owe you anything isn’t enough.  He still believes that he owes you something.