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Do you want it?


Seems strange to write this letter to someone named David.  But you will know that this is for you if you are reading this.

I just wanted to let you know that I believe in you.  Like I believe that each of your brothers and sisters have it in them to do good works, and to be great people.  I believe in you.

I believe that we can help you find the tools within you to become the man that you are meant to be.  I challenge you to take advantage of every opportunity to make changes in your life that are positive and a reflection on your spirit.  Do you want it?

I believe that the spirit is strong in each of us, and we just need to cultivate it.  Cultivate it like a garden and it will produce riches you will have never dreamed of.  Do you want it?

Most of all, I believe that we are all granted certain gifts in this life.  What we do with those gifts will help us determine the richness of our lives.  The people we let into our lives will help us achieve that richness, however, it is up to each of us to want to achieve greatness.  We are not given greatness. We aren’t given an indomitable spirit.  Though each of those live within us, we need to help them grow. Do you want it?

What will you be remembered for?  Will you be remembered as the kid who everyone was afraid of because he was a liar and a thief?  Or will you be remembered as the kid who overcame what seemed like insurmountable odds and reached beyond himself to achieve everything he deserved?  Do you want it?

Like I stated earlier, we can help you find the tools within you, but we can’t force you to do the heavy lifting.  You have to want it.

Do you want it?

What will your legacy be?

I am proud of each of our kids.

I am proud of you.

Love Dad.