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The truth about David.

Roller-CoasterWe visited David tonight.  He wants to come home.  As much as we want him to come home, home isn’t the best place for him.

It isn’t just the Reactive Attachment Disorder.

It isn’t just the Autism.

It isn’t just the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

It isn’t just the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

It isn’t just the Oppositional Defiant Disorder, the Childhood Conduct Disorder, the bipolar disorder, or any of the other diagnoses that he has and has had.

It is the combination of all of these things that is what is working against him.

What does this mean for David?

Home isn’t the best place for him.  He never should have been discharged.  The psychiatrist indicated that she sees no change in him now from before he began his first placement.

So Monday.  We are going to start the paperwork.  The process.  The doctor is documenting their end of the record and will provide letters of support for placement.  Not sure when he is coming home from his current stay.  Will discuss that with the doctor on Monday.

As a result, we will be calling a team meeting of all of the people and organizations that are working with and for David’s treatment.

Please, a prayer for David, and our family as we seek whatever help we can get to ensure that David gets everything he needs to be the kind of person that we believe he can be.

The reality of our situation is that there are very few things that we haven’t tried to help him.  What I document here, most days hardly scratches the surface.  Is every day bad?  No.  Even the bad days have their good times.   It means that the roller coaster that is his life is throwing a new loop in his path.  Let’s help him stay on the appropriate path.

My breaking heart, asking for help

We put David in the hospital for a psych eval today. The hardest things I have ever done involve placing him in the hospital. Today was no different. In my reality, I want my little boy to be home, surrounded by his family.  safe. protected. In his reality, things are much different.  We are the… Continue Reading

the enemy within

David is his own worst enemy. With the increase in behaviors, our psych team has discussed changing one of his medicines.  We aren’t doing a wholesale med wash like we used to do.  Rather we are increasing one of the stabilizers.   Hopefully we will see a change. When we met with the psych team, I… Continue Reading

I am confused…

Today, David and I had been having a great day.  Laughing. The phone rang, since I had my hands in dishwater I asked him to answer it.  He put it on speakerphone. I asked him to hold it close, instead he accused me of not wanting him around. How does, hold the phone equal “you… Continue Reading

a brand new day

Today is a brand new day for David. This morning, he was complaining of being stiff and sore.  So I talked about the work that his muscles did to support his body yesterday while he was manic.   He said he doesn’t like it. In talking with David today, I learned that he was upset that… Continue Reading

what do you do when…

your child is manic and goes running down the street into traffic yelling, just kill me? We had the start of an episode tonight.  I ignored it.  I walked away.  I turned the other cheek. Every time I refused to acknowledge the behavior, the behavior escalated. David started spraying something that we later learned was… Continue Reading

calm before a very chaotic storm

Earlier, I wrote to you about David’s explosion of behavior. I looked just now, and that post never published.  I evidently saved it as a draft.  So it will seem like these events are coming back to back, in reality, it has been a couple of hours. We had about 2 hours of calm.  And… Continue Reading

he doesn’t care

I spent more than an hour of travel time today talking with David about his behaviors.  About the path that his behaviors are leading him down. And while it felt like he was listening and actually hearing what I was saying to him.  I realize now that he may have been listening, but he doesn’t… Continue Reading

here come more behaviors

Remember when David was at his second placement? And we couldn’t keep him in his seat at school? He is doing that again. Seeing an increase in behaviors.  Disrespect, oppositional, manic.  He is running from teachers, throwing things around the re-focus room and generally being as disruptive as he can. Yes he is getting his… Continue Reading

progress of sorts

David has been home for most of 10 days. Has it been perfect? No. Do I expect perfection? No. I am proud of the changes that I am seeing in him. Does he still have mental health issues? Yes.  He is not cured.  Not by any means. For now, I will take it. We are… Continue Reading