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Was mental illness Blaec Lammers’ only crime? – CNN.com

Has society gone too far in de-institutionalization?

Prison is not the place for our son to get any sort of help with his mental illness.

Do I agree with the parents?  Yes.  They were afraid for their son’s life.  Did he deserve prison for this purchase?rethinkmentalillnesslogo250_250

Do we pro-actively lock away people because they might do something with the guns they purchase?

I am pro-gun.  To me gun control isn’t a law.  It is something I was taught by my father as a kid.  Always be aware of where you are pointing the firearm.  Treat every gun as if it were loaded.

Are assault rifles needed?  Not in my home.

When David comes home, we won’t have firearms in our home.  That is a personal decision.

When David is of age, will there be anything preventing him from purchasing firearms?  Likely not.  Does that mean he deserves to be in prison for purchasing a firearm?  HELL NO.

Common Sense people.  Common Sense.

We shouldn’t have to fight for mental health services in our  country.  They shouldn’t be considered optional by any state.

It is not a crime to have a mental illness.



Was mental illness Blaec Lammers’ only crime? – CNN.com.