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cyber bullying

So today, one of the kids told me about this profile on Twitter referencing the athletic district that we live in.

Now I could see such a profile existing if it was just referencing the various athletic events in our area.  Sadly this profile is so much more.

Trashing people in 140 characters or less is still a form of bullying.  Calling someone a slut, or a camel toe is a form of bullying.  Just because you can hide your immediate identity behind some anonymous profile picture doesn’t mean that you will be free from prosecution.

If you think that poking fun at people on twitter is a good time, you need to do some serious soul searching.  You can and will be tracked.  How would you feel if you were the target of a twitter attack?

And bragging that your previous account got suspended is a good sign that you are likely to have your account suspended again.

Calling your page a confession page and allowing people to post garbage tweets to it doesn’t make you innocent.  You are inviting the hatred to occur.