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Keys, Keys, where are the Keys?

David, demands attention.  If you don’t give it to him, he will do something negative.

What is the definition of negative?  Theft.  Yelling. Lies. those kinds of things.  Car keys of Porsche, Ferrari and BMW

Yesterday a set of mom’s keys went missing.  David cried about how he didn’t take them, and how we should believe him just this one time.  I then went through his room.  I found:

  1. My “Harley Fund” coin bank.
  2. Mom’s confirmation medallion.
  3. a check made out to his brother for five dollars from another person. (His brother’s name was crossed out, and David wrote his own name in its place.)
  4. scissors
  5. food boxes and cans.
  6. knives.
  7. a telephone

I didn’t find the keys.

Eventually, David said he would help look for them.  I granted him amnesty if he would just give them back.  All of a sudden he remembered seeing them in a clothes basket upstairs.  So we went to see if they were there.  Sure enough, buried under the clothes in the basket were the keys.

They magically appeared there, as David denies that he took them.

David then proceeded to blame everyone he could think of.  I explained that the whole time he was gone to the residential facility, that nothing was stolen in our house.

“Oh, … well someone else took them. Not me.”  was his response.

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