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Putting the children first in our lives

As a parent, I have learned to put my life second to the lives of my children in a lot of aspects of our lives.  I don’t party, I don’t drink to excess.  I have never in my life, even on the worst day of behaviors from our David, thought about killing one of my kids. I can honestly admit that there was a time when I believed that work and school were more important than my family.  Don’t believe me?  Ask my wife.  I was selfish in my pursuit of the good life for my family and through that I relegated my kids to a second tier role in my life.

So…. Casey Anthony went on Piers Morgan to deny, again, killing her daughter.  More lies?  Who cares?  It isn’t like she can be tried for the crime again. Are people really going to think less of her if she admits the truth?

Lifetime, a very good network, is coming out with a movie starring Rob Lowe about the trial… Why?  Do we really need to relive the trial from the perspective of the prosecuting attorney?

This brings to mind the death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman who were killed in 1994.  Sure they were adults, but was the crime any less heinous?  Look at the media circus that surrounded that event… Of course, O.J. has yet to admit he had any role in the event.  Since I wasn’t there, I can’t say for certain. That event, happened 18 years ago yesterday.  Now one could argue that Nicole and Ron were adults, but isn’t that just a cop out?  What about Nicole’s children?  Or the children that Ron may have had?  Don’t they deserve parents that care about them?

We need to turn off our televisions.  We need to focus more on what is occurring in our own communities and homes. Do we really lead such boring lives that we have to live, and relive the crimes of others?  What is the shelf life of these events?  5 years, 10?  more?

Let us celebrate life.  Don’t forget the children.  They are the future.

I challenge my readers to take an active role in the life of a child.  If you don’t have children, consider being a mentor, foster parent or adopter of a child. Every child deserves parents who love them.  Every child deserve a parent who says “I am proud of you and I love you.”

And parents, if you are frustrated by your particular situation with your child, ask for help.  Please.  Doesn’t your child deserve the chance to live?  There are so many people in our world who would help you in any way that they can.  But first, you have to ask for help.

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