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Just us today

It is just David and I today.  For the most part, he is being reasonable.

For the most part.  Last night when we got home, he was beyond difficult.  Not sure if it was my exhaustion, his excitement of having me to himself, or a combination of the two, but last night was rough.

Today, I woke in time to take a morning conference call, grab a shower and coffee.  Then I stretched out on the couch for a few minutes.  Next thing I knew, it was 1 o’clock.  A glance at David since we share a bedroom, he was still sleeping.  All curled up with a cat on each side and the dog at his feet.

more than 15 hours of sleep for him.  So last night, I think was his way of telling me that he was exhausted.

I guess all of the signs are there, we just need to better learn how to read them.

Today we were hoping to do yard work, since it is raining off and on, that will be delayed.  Hope that the lack of activity doesn’t cause behaviors.

So far he is content petting the sleeping cat in his lap.

I love him, especially when he is loving to the creatures in his life.