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Just say No to Black Friday

I don’t know.  It seems to me that we are losing something in the holiday season.  I remember as a kid, not having the most expensive toys, not having all of the latest toys and not having my mom or dad in traction because they ventured into the madness that is known as Black Friday.  (The first official day of Christmas shopping.)  In our house, we know it as the day after Thanksgiving where we give Thanks for all that we have.

What are we losing?

I would argue that Christmas Shopping Season actually starts before Halloween.  Maybe we are being desensitized to the real reason for the season.  Every society celebrates this season differently.  I would try to list all of the major religions and the methods of celebration, or way they recognize the season, but the list would likely be incomplete.

trampledWhen we raise our kids to understand that “must have” mentality at the expense of self or family, they are missing something important.  Toys, gadgets and trinkets can never replace family.  That television that you bought on Black Friday because you sat in line for three weeks at Best Buy… was it really worth all of that?  I bet I can get the same deal elsewhere, a month from now.  And I can do it online from my home computer.

Sure it is an adventure to go out for Black Friday shopping excursions.  But it is also inherently dangerous.  Every year we read news reports of people being trampled, hurt and or killed trying to get through the doors of Walmart.  How long will it be before someone comes to Black Friday and starts shooting because they didn’t get the last television?  oh wait, that happened last year in Las Vegas. 

I for one, will enjoy a restful slumber in my warm and comfortable home surrounded by my loved ones.  Good luck getting that television.   I will just say no.  Take back the Christmas Season.

Read the following link for one shopping malls directive to all stores regarding Thanksgiving.  Profit before family.  We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

Memo surfaces ordering mall retailers to open Thanksgiving night.