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Life with a klepto part 1

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Life with someone who compulsively takes things that don’t belong to them can be difficult.  Constant vigilance is the key to maintaining your sanity.  What happens when even constant vigilance doesn’t prevent the theft?

Four hours of tension.  Aunt’s keys went missing last night or early this morning.  They were discovered missing at noon.  4 hours later… they were found. Four hours of “why don’t you believe me…” Four hours of “I didn’t take them…” to “Hear they are!” and the person who found them is the person who took them.  He knew where they were all along.  Not sure why he likes this attention.

This father has chronic pain conditions.  Any guesses how his body feels right now?

At least they were found.  We know David has a disorder that “pushes” him to do this, it would be so helpful if he would just admit it and get it over with.  He has consequences that he faces, but none that last four hours. David’s disorder is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  He has two features.  One he chews on his fingernails.  (hence the photo, though David’s aren’t that bad) Two, he has a fascination with electronic gadgets.  (Aunt’s keys have a key fob for remote starting her car.)

Oh and for the school… just because David has this condition is no reason for you to bar him entry to the public school.  It just means that you, and we need to be vigilant regarding things that he will take.  This is why he needs a paraprofessional of his own.

Now my new readers will wonder why I addressed that one line to the school.  Simple.  They use this blog to find things that they can use against David to prevent him from coming back to public school.  We suspect that they also use it to report things about our family to Social Services, but that is unconfirmed due to the confidentiality that applies to the report of a complaint.

This is my second post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am trying to get myself to write more, so I joined a challenge.

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