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asking for help – Overcoming Fear

I am in a class right now on Leadership Development.

The facilitator said the most profound thing.  Overcoming fear to ask for help is the biggest obstacle in leadership development that you will ever surmount.  No one is an expert in all things.

The key is to know when the moment arrives that it is time to unlock the door/chain that binds you to trying to go it alone.

Leadership is community development in a way that encompasses the skills you need to be successful in whatever you do.

As a father, when I ask for help in getting services for my son’s, I am developing a community and being a leader.  I am doing the job given to me by my child and their trust that I will do the job to the best of my ability.

So, why are dad’s uncomfortable in asking for help?  If we were in the workforce, we wouldn’t hesitate to ask others for the expertise.  Why is being a father any different?  Why don’t we get comfortable asking for help in those areas where our expertise isn’t what it needs to be?