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Long term care facility and child custody

mediumOver and over again in the last two days, I have asked doctors for help.  For recommendations regarding getting care for our son, David.

The number one recommendation that all of the doctor’s make is that we give up custody.  “If you give up custody to the state, he will get services almost immediately.” stated one doctor.

“We struggle with getting help for the kids all of the time, because the facilities put up road blocks to getting care for kids.” he further reported.

“Bring him here, say that you can no longer take him home, and that you give up custody of him.”  was an additional point that the doctor made.

The doctor won’t go on the record.

The doctor reported as well that this is his experience in the state of North Dakota.  But will not go on record to talk with the head of the Department of Human Services.

David’s primary psychiatrist also stated that she believed that we would have to give up custody of our son to the state.

The doctor indicated that he believes that we “can not be effective parents, and need to give up custody in order to get further services.”

In the course of an hour long meeting, he stated “we are an acute care facility” more than 10 times.  He also stated that we need to give up custody of our son repeatedly.

The doctor said that he needs to check with his administrator to see if he can go on the record stating that we need to give up custody to the state, so that we can then approach the state with the discriminatory practice of giving preferential treatment to families who relinquish custody their child.

According to one doctor, it is federal regulations rather than state law that requires this.

Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but what society forces a parent to give up their child to the state in order to get help? Shouldn’t we be trying to keep the family unit together?  Shouldn’t that be the ultimate goal, in addition to getting mental health care?

Why are the mentally ill made out to be second class citizens because of their mental illness?

less challenges

David has been less challenging today.  It may be because Mom was home from work today. Have calls out to the psych team regarding him forcing himself to vomit up his meds.  The primary psychiatrist is on vacation until the 14th.  Just waiting to hear back from the nurse. What kind of plan do doctor’s… Continue Reading