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Caviar dreams on a food stamp budget

We live pretty frugally.  We don’t get food assistance, other than the bi-monthly visit from the food pantry.

We don’t purchase name brand products.

Yet, David has this sense of self-entitlement that just blows me away.

He says we don’t want him.

He says we don’t love him.

If we didn’t, if we don’t, then what in the hell are we fighting for?

He claims to have friends all over town who are “giving him cash so he can go to Cenex and get food.”

So, since I don’t know who he is stealing from, I warned the driver that takes him to school not to leave anything valuable in front of David, or where he could get at it.

David repeatedly reminds us that we don’t trust him.  He dearly wants us to trust him.  How can I?  How can we?

Today I found a wad of cash in his pocket.  He doesn’t do anything to earn an allowance.  When asked, he said, my friends gave me that.  So I told him that we were going to talk to the parents’ of those friends, and see.  Evidently, they had to suddenly leave town for a grandparent’s birthday.  So they aren’t available.


If i don’t let him run around, he takes it upon himself to do whatever he wants to do.  If I keep him in the house, he makes life very difficult for everyone.