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Visiting David

Last week we didn’t get to see David because two of us were sick.

This week, I am still not feeling well, but we went anyway.

He was in a mood.  Not sure why.  He wanted to play basketball, and I couldn’t.  He wanted to play badmiton, and I couldn’t.  Part of it was because the other residents were in the gym.  To me there is an expectation of privacy.  I shouldn’t be part of their world directly because I am not staff.  Just like they shouldn’t be part of mine.

Regardless, unless staff tells me it is okay, I am not actively participating in activities with kids I don’t know.  And even if I had the okay, not sure how comfortable I would be.

So David was in a mood.  Refused to eat.  Didn’t want to cooperate.  Asked every five minutes what time it was.

He also talked about restitution.  He evidently lost something, and has to pay restitution.  Six hours of community service within the residence.

When it was time to go, he took all of our lunch trays back to the residential kitchen.  Then went to the gym.  No goodbyes, no “see ya later”  just left us.

Staff did the same.  We ended up setting off an alarm when we tried to leave.  That was interesting.