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the storyteller

Vintage BooksDavid is gifted.

Gifted at telling stories, then when caught in a lie, he is gifted at changing the story to suit what ever is going on in his head.

When caught in a lie, he will turn and twist the story enough to make the listener doubt what they heard.

If this happens, you need to get him to stop talking, make sure that you write down the conversation as best you can remember, then ask him to confirm details.

David fails to realize that eventually the truth always comes out.

Why not just tell the truth to begin with?  I have no idea.

It gets more difficult to keep the story straight when details can be confirmed by calling the people he claims did things, or are doing things on his behalf.

So now we wait for confirmation.

Remember, you can only believe about 40% of what David says, and that is me being generous.

In the end, we talk about how it is easier to tell the truth from the beginning.  And he admits that he left his school binder in the van.

To me, it is not a big deal that he left the binder in the van.  The lesson that I wish that he would learn is that the truth is always best.  Always!