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Get Your Joy Back Book Giveaway

This book, has helped me through the early part of my son’s return from a psychiatric facility. I have posted about it before. 🙂 Here.

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Not every day is bad…

Today.  For example. Was pretty darn good.  David met goals at school.  Then when the weather wasn’t cooperating didn’t argue when we told him he had to stay inside. When the weather cleared, he played basketball by himself for a good hour, until it was time to come in.  When he had to come in… Continue Reading

Is this the start?

Caught David stealing food. He knows that all he has to do is tell us he is hungry. We just don’t want him hoarding food in his bedroom. Then he lies and blames it on others, including the cats. We know that with his metabolism, he burns enough food for two or three other people. … Continue Reading

progress of sorts

David has been home for most of 10 days. Has it been perfect? No. Do I expect perfection? No. I am proud of the changes that I am seeing in him. Does he still have mental health issues? Yes.  He is not cured.  Not by any means. For now, I will take it. We are… Continue Reading

the art of positive thinking

Monday, when I pick up my son, magic will happen.  He will see that I love him unconditionally. He will see that I am accepting of him. He will see that we are embracing his return to the family. He will know the love that we have in our hearts. Tuesday when we arrive home,… Continue Reading

I now pronounce sentence. 72 hours and a prayer

The appeal to Medicaid to further fund services has been denied. As a result, I will be picking up David from the facility on Monday.  We then come home to begin a new chapter in our lives as a family. We had an IEP meeting for him this morning. Short term he will be homebound… Continue Reading

Encouragement from me to you

Living a life filled with fear does things to the body.  I have a number of chronic health issues, and the stress from this is exacerbating those health issues. Please, if you are reading this then you have either an interest in the topic, or are experiencing it yourself. Remember these key things. It’s not… Continue Reading