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Wrap Around Services Explained

Wrap around services means we work with social services and the different agencies in our region. since we are between two major cities in our state, we go one direction for some services, and the other direction for the rest. It gets very confusing trying to get all of the different agencies to communicate with each other.
I’ll build a glossary of terms, in the coming weeks.
As a parent of a kid with mental illness, I sometimes take for granted that everyone knows what I am talking about. I imagine that it is like listening to a race car driver talk about turns, wedges and drifts, he may know what he is talking about, and his team knows what he means but no one else does.  That is an assumption on my part that I will work to correct.
The reason that wrap around services is not the correct answer in our son’s case is because it isn’t working. each of the therapists, psychiatrists and social workers except for the ones at this facility, all agree that he sees no benefit from these services. The rest of the family does, as we are all dealing with PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress – at some level. As a result of the aggressive and sometimes violent nature of his mental illness.