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I have some difficulties.

I am so used to being up all night with him that even when he isn’t home, I can’t sleep.

Odd, it even happens if I am staying in hotels.  There, though, I invariably end up stripping the bed and sleeping on the couch in the room if there is one.

When David was in placement for two years, I still had difficulties with sleeping at night.

boy-828850_1280Sucks,  wasting perfectly good sleep time by being awake.  You know.  When I was in the U.S. Army, i could fall asleep as quick as I could shut my truck down.  A 15 minute snooze was like an hour or two of sleep.

Not so much any more, and maybe that is starting to affect my health in different ways.  Not sure.

Ah well.  Today is a good day.  Tonight I will get to visit David.  I miss him.  I just don’t miss the behavior.

Too bad he knows how to game the system to get released from the hospital.  He isn’t getting any help there when he is “good”.

Embrace the abilities he does have

David came into our lives before we even considered adoption.  In fact, we originally were going to do foster care for kids like David.  This was long before we knew about the mental health issues that he has been diagnosed with.  He was special needs because of the way he was born, addicted to drugs. … Continue Reading

struggling and happy 3 month anniversary

This post isn’t so much about David as it is about me.  See for a long time, David was in a safe place.  A place where I didn’t have to worry as much.  I could get the weekly reports, I could talk to David, I would take the interceding calls, that told me of some… Continue Reading

Is this the start?

Caught David stealing food. He knows that all he has to do is tell us he is hungry. We just don’t want him hoarding food in his bedroom. Then he lies and blames it on others, including the cats. We know that with his metabolism, he burns enough food for two or three other people. … Continue Reading

Annual Christmas Letter and Appeal

Greetings friends and readers. It is with all the joy in my heart that I wish each of you a joyful holiday.  One filled with acceptance of the differences we see in others.  One where our children know how much love we feel in our hearts for them. It is tradition in our home to… Continue Reading

Off Close Watch

David is off close watch. They moved him off the lower level of the residence, and to the main floor.  This allows them to keep a closer eye on him. I miss the little guy. I advised staff that we need to ensure that we are looking at his meds.  While not a cure, they… Continue Reading

thoughts for today, tomorrow, the future

My goal is to raise awareness. Please, if you read my blog, share it with others. Our beautiful son is not the only child who is struggling with mental illness. There are others out there. So please, share my blog with others that we might work together to raise awareness. Awareness begins with one voice and builds steam from there. I know quite a few parents who have been fighting for their children for a long time, far longer than we have been fighting for Marc. Voice’s get tired. People get tired. So let’s rally the troops.

Mental illness encompasses a broad range of things. Each mental illness is important.

Thank you again for your support. It means the world to my family. To me. Continue Reading

My pain today

My pain tonight comes not from my body, road weary and tired of travel.   It doesn’t come from the connective tissue illness with which I have long lived. It comes from saying good bye to David. From leaving him behind in a far off place to be cared for by others. My heart knows… Continue Reading

‘Tis the season

Coming up we have Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. With David being so far away from home, and my health rather precarious, I don’t think that we will make it out there for more a weekend pass.  I have one scheduled for the first weekend in December.  It isn’t much, but it is better than nothing.… Continue Reading