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He is not a yo-yo

He is not a yo-yo.

You know that right?

Yesterday he was granted an extension on his stay in the facility.  This was done so that we could apply for therapeutic foster care.

Today, I guess that we were denied, though I am not entirely sure.  What I do know is that I was told David is being discharged tomorrow.  He is in, he is out, he is in, he is out.  It’s not healthy for him to be jerked around like this, and in truth, it’s not healthy for the family.

He will get maybe 6 hours a week of mentor time and they said something about 6 overnights a month.  I have asked for clarification, none has been forthcoming as of yet.  It’s that yo-yo effect, consistency is what is necessary, not the illusion of consistency.

I swear, it’s like being in the movie Groundhog Day. 

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So David is coming home to a minimum amount of support.  He comes a place where he gets 24/7 support.  I pray that we can maintain a successful stream of steady care for him, not stress his world or ours in ways that cause his violent tendencies to surface we will be okay.  However; when he gets caught stealing and we confront him about that, it can cause his aggressive personality to show it’s face to the world.

At this point I don’t know what else to do.

While I would love to have him home permanently, without supports I don’t know how long it will last.  When he steals things from the people in his life, he will be charged with theft.  The same will occur if he assaults one of us, or anyone else, he will be charged.

Using the legal system to get him the help he needs goes against everything in my mind that tells me what is appropriate for a mentally ill child. Using the legal system in this way is a lot like playing with a yo-yo.

It’s going to be hit or miss as to whether or not it will be effective.  We can only try. I expect that we will see stability for the first few weeks at least, after which, I pray we can continue to maintain stability for David .  If you pray, and believe in the power of prayer, include our son and our family in your prayers.


The Liability

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all the lies

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Got a call this morning from CPS.  Child Protective Services received a report that I restrained David by pushing him to the pavement last Friday evening.  If I pushed him to the pavement, where are the bruises, scrapes and blood?  If I pushed him to the pavement, why did the deputy sheriff not say or… Continue Reading

Placement delayed

Placement has been delayed until at least Monday.  Because of the psychiatrists note, we need hospital records.  since we can’t get those before a deadline that has already passed today, we can’t admit tomorrow. Since we can’t admit tomorrow and the person who does admissions is out the rest of the week, we are looking… Continue Reading

Round Two of the Battle for Services

We are repeatedly told that we need to do more. So we are doing more.  We have added intensive in home therapy, individual therapy, and have ongoing mentor support (staff).  We also are visiting doctors and psychiatrists. I spend my days either on the road to the cities, or at home chasing down this report… Continue Reading

Mental Health Awareness

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Residential Treatment Center – Application for Bed

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