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I am not a hero. seriously. I can you tell who is though.

I had someone tell me it takes a special person to parent a child like David.  It takes a special person to be a parent.  Period.

Any man can be a father, donate DNA, that kind of thing.  But to be a parent, a “dad” takes something more.

To be the dad of a special needs kids isn’t something that everyone can handle.  I get that.  really, I do.  But… and I say but…

How do you know, if you don’t try. 

We had a special couple of parents help us with David for a while this year.  I believe in my heart that they are special.  I am honored that they were chosen to work with our son.  I am sorry it didn’t work out for both families, and I understand why things didn’t work out.

I hold no grudges. Bear no ill will.

I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable by my calling and saying this, so I hope that they read it here on my Blog.

Thank you friends, I appreciate the fact that you tried to work with David, when so many others in his young life said no.  I hope that these events won’t turn you from your role as a respite family. Remember this, every child is unique.  All it takes to make a special change in the life of a child is for someone to look at them and tell them “you matter.”  By giving David a chance, you told him that, even if you didn’t use the words.

In my book, it is you who are the hero. For bringing a child you know nothing about into your lives and opening your home to him.

David said that I should say hi to you, if I talk to you again, so “HI!” from David.  He got a haircut this week and looks so handsome.