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lies I tell you, all lies

mediumDavid can switch between thinking he is the smartest person on the planet, or one of the dumbest.   And I use dumbest literally.

There are times when he acts as though he has lost all mental faculties that he has, yet other times if goes to the extreme, and he acts like he is the only one who knows anything.

And sass…

So we got notes from the hospital regarding his stay.

He evidently told staff that the reason he was placed there is because he was terrorizing people in Walmart with a hand knife.   He goes on at length about it.  How 911 was called and dad was given the option to either have the police take him to the hospital or to do it himself.

David, of course, denies having said any such thing.

So.  I explained to him what happens when we lie to people.  Especially to people in the mental health unit.

He thinks that i am stupid for believing that he would say anything of the sort.  When David speaks, a majority of the time, it is a lie.  Very rarely does he say anything that can be believed without a lot of prodding. So we do a lot of, “let me verify that.”

I told him, I believe that he is anything but stupid.