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Can I say that I am a little bit angry?

Bamboozler.We picked up David today from the mental health unit.

We were given two new prescriptions for him.

We traveled home.  I dropped the scripts off at the local pharmacy.

I asked to be notified if the insurance company gives them any trouble filling the prescription.

An hour later the pharmacy called.  Insurance needs preauthorization.  I asked how long that would take.

Three or four days.

So I called the hospital.  Doctor has left for the day.

Staff at the hospital said that they would get in touch with the doctor and see what we are supposed to do.

We are supposed to come off the new dose of the one medicine, go back to our old dose of that medicine until we get the authorization from the insurance company for the new medicine.

Yeah, because the human body is a yo-yo that likes this type of medication change.  Given that Monday is a holiday, I don’t expect the preauthorization to come until Thursday or Friday.

So, we can hope that the preauthorization comes through, that the insurance company allows the script to be filled and that they pay for the prescription instead of giving us the run around for another couple of months and forcing us to pay out of pocket for his medications.

Oh, David forgot his bag up at the hospital.  He also refused to eat lunch in the unit because he didn’t like what the hospital gave him.  An hour before supper he wants a snack.  (last time we went through this, I ended up with bruised ribs, and he ended up in the mental health unit)

I am so beyond frustrated.  Why do we have to fight for every single thing for this little guy?