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A Sheriff call.

Bamboozler.Called the Sheriff tonight.

David a couple of weeks ago racked up charges on an iPad.

Today a charge showed up from Apple, related to said iPad.  I looked to David.

He took off.

I called the Sheriff.

Before I could get off the phone with dispatch I had two Deputies in my driveway.  David leaning against the Blazer.  Sass.  Lots of Sass from David.  Every time I tried to say something, David had an excuse.  I stayed a car length away.

The Deputy got after him for back talking me.  David said the Deputy “was kind of rough.”

At the end, I said “I don’t know what to do.  I shouldn’t have to call the Sheriff to discipline my kid.” I explained about the cancellation of the bed at the facility, I explained that the more we tried to keep David in the family, the more determined David was to leave.

David says he does this stuff because he is bored since he can’t go outside without an escort.  With Systemic Lupus, I am super sensitive to sunlight, Mom just had double knee replacement and David doesn’t listen to anyone when told not to do things, so I can’t reasonably send him out with his brothers.  If I let him out on his own he steals from us and the neighbors.

I explained to the Deputy about David giving away my weed eater, trying to steal my truck, stealing the neighbors riding lawn mower.

So the Deputy asked David. “Do you want to go in the house, or do you want to go to Juvenile Jail?”

David chose the house.  Deputy said to call if we need them.

Now we are making a record.  I can’t believe that it is coming to this.

If I do this, he will eventually be pulled by the state on judicial charges.   Then we won’t have a choice.

Yet I feel like this is the only option available to get him the help that he needs.

For the record, the iPad and iPod were still hidden, so he didn’t do it today, which means it is a recurring fee.  If he had stuck around rather than running off, I would have apologized for accusing him.  I did apologize.

Like Mom said, “when does he apologize to us?”

Then when I went to plug in my phone on the charger, I found my old Kindle plugged into the charger.  Which David had taken upon himself to use without permission, though he knows he isn’t allowed technology that is more involved than a Nintendo DS “Lite”.

“Oops.” he says.

Thank you to our local law enforcement for showing up without question when we call.  I hate calling you, but appreciate the word that you all do.