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When is it considered Grand Theft Auto?

2013-01-24_15-56-30_659What constitutes a vehicle?

Does it have to have 4 wheels?

Does it need to be highway speed capable?

How about a Dixon Zero Turn Riding Mower?  Does that count as a vehicle?

My son, “borrowed” the neighbor’s zero turn Dixon mower today.  Claims that someone in that house gave him permission to drive it, complete with attached trailer.

Every time we ask him about it, he claims that he was given permission to use it.

And then he told another neighbor that we got a new riding mower, that he and I had the only keys, and we were going to share the mower.  Yep.  So now, in addition to the neighbor who had his lawn mower taken, another neighbor is concerned that they could be implicated in the theft of said mower.

And he wonders why we don’t trust him.