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It was all a lie

10-inconvenienceDavid wants desperately to be trusted.  He wants us to believe him.

On Friday, he came home from school all excited because he was voted onto the student council at his school.

Today, he informs us that it was all a lie.  Nothing was true.

So i have confirmation emails going out to his school.

I want to believe him, but if he will lie about something as innocuous as student council, what else will he lie about?

Since the therapist left, he has been slowly degrading in his mental state.  Behaviors are increasing.  Not sure what that is about.  The therapist did take him for a walk, and according to him, was asking if he had any concerns about living at home.

I want to believe what he says, but it is difficult.

Soon, he will be in bed, asleep and we can start a new day tomorrow.

Wish him luck.

What do you want to hear?

Well. Just got off the phone with a social worker from the hospital where David is. I had to explain what “the boys hide in their rooms to feel safe from David” means. David told staff that he tells me things like “if you like, I can stab you with a knife” because he thinks… Continue Reading

the storyteller

David is gifted. Gifted at telling stories, then when caught in a lie, he is gifted at changing the story to suit what ever is going on in his head. When caught in a lie, he will turn and twist the story enough to make the listener doubt what they heard. If this happens, you… Continue Reading

Let me tell you the real story….

David has been home a month.  For the most part things have gone well. Recently there has been an increase in the number of lies.  Lies about petty things that don’t need to be lied about. When confronted about lies, he says “you never believe me…” This gradually changes to “Let me tell you the… Continue Reading

Lies and other fun stuff – life with a klepto part 2

We were up late due to the excitement of fireworks, a fire pit and s’mores. To bed at 3am and up at 6am.  what a joy. David had my cell phone this morning, so friends, if you received either a text message or an email from my phone this morning, it wasn’t me. So I… Continue Reading

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