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Increasing behaviors, again, real fear

We are seeing a rapid increase in behaviors.  Quite frankly, I can’t remember the last time I saw him like this.

We have warned him that if he doesn’t stop he is going to be back in the hospital.

I hate putting him there, because he likes it.  And quite frankly we shouldn’t have to hide in our own home because we are afraid of him and his behavior.  He is there for a couple of days, and then since he isn’t showing them any behaviors, they send him home.  Just because he isn’t showing behaviors doesn’t mean he is safe.  I am not a doctor, mental health professional or anything like that.  I am just a parent on the front line.

While he hasn’t done anything yet, I feel that it is a matter of time before he hurts himself, one of us or one of the pets.

According the discharge from the hospital we can bring him back if that happens.  I don’t plan to wait that long.  We need to make a major change in his medicines or something.

I don’t expect a medicinal cure.  I expect the meds to work in tandem with everything else we are doing.

Right now, nothing is working.

It is important to understand.  We don’t hate David.  He is and always will be a part of this family.  We want the best care possible.  And will move Heaven and Earth to get it.

So I had another thought today….

I know, dangerous right? Both times that David had manic type behaviors he had done something that he knew could result in him losing priviliges. How can I ever confront him about something, if I know there is a risk he is going to go off like that? Yesterday, I caught him in an area… Continue Reading

a brand new day

Today is a brand new day for David. This morning, he was complaining of being stiff and sore.  So I talked about the work that his muscles did to support his body yesterday while he was manic.   He said he doesn’t like it. In talking with David today, I learned that he was upset that… Continue Reading

what do you do when…

your child is manic and goes running down the street into traffic yelling, just kill me? We had the start of an episode tonight.  I ignored it.  I walked away.  I turned the other cheek. Every time I refused to acknowledge the behavior, the behavior escalated. David started spraying something that we later learned was… Continue Reading

here come more behaviors

Remember when David was at his second placement? And we couldn’t keep him in his seat at school? He is doing that again. Seeing an increase in behaviors.  Disrespect, oppositional, manic.  He is running from teachers, throwing things around the re-focus room and generally being as disruptive as he can. Yes he is getting his… Continue Reading

Crisis Mode – Setback in treatment

Just got one of those phone calls I dread. “We had… with David…” Tonight.  He was, in my view, manic. It started earlier when we had family therapy.  We clarified his discharge info.  He was under the impression that discharge was imminent.  When in reality, it isn’t.  And it is largely because there isn’t a… Continue Reading