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The Liability


Dictionary.com defines it as:

noun, plural liabilities.
1.   liabilities.

  1. moneys owed; debts or pecuniary obligations (opposed to assets ).
  2. Accounting. liabilities as detailed on a balance sheet, especially in relation to assets and capital.
2.  something disadvantageous:

His lack of education is his biggest liability.

3.  Also,liableness. the state or quality of being liable:

When David is discharged in 48 hours, we may have a period where things are good.  Great even.  A period where there is no violence.  His previous history shows us that this won’t last.   So what do we do?
We are told that we need to call 911.  That is the extent of the safety plan at this point.
He will come out of a facility where he had 24/7 support to home where I can’t provide that level of care.
So knowing David like we know David.  When the volcano that is his temper erupts, who has liability?
He is bigger than he was 2 years ago when he was last discharged from care.  Child Protective Services told me I can’t use pressure point holds as a means of restraint.
Do I just let him do what ever he wants?   Let him steal from people and businesses?  Let him attack animals?  Because parenting this child will take every ounce of energy we have.
If he hurts me again, will that cause people to take notice?  I don’t want him to do so.  How about someone else in the family?  Or someone in the community?  Maybe if someone could tell me what magic needs to happen to get him the continued care that he needs, I’ll stop bothering people until the magic appears.  It’s not fair to David.  It’s for sure not fair to the rest of the family.
So when something horrific happens, who has liability?  He has already shown his propensity to use violence to get his way.
I pray that this time is different.

No Services Required – CPS Investigation Results

This week, I learned the results of the latest Child and Protective Services (CPS) investigation. Because of allegations made by David, we believe he was attempting to manipulate the system to get to live where he wants rather than at home, there was a complaint made against me.  The complaint said that I “was exploiting… Continue Reading

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